Studying in Poland

The JumpUp provides assistance in choosing universities in Poland, full support for applicants and all-round assistance during the admission process.

Why Poland?

- Polish university diplomas are recognised all over the world on a par with those of other European countries. After completing education in Poland, graduates have much better employment opportunities.
- International student exchange programmes and opportunities for internships and work placements in Europe and Asia.
- In Poland the education is conducted in two languages: Polish and English.
- Tuition fees in Poland are low compared with neighbouring countries. It is also possible to obtain higher education free of charge for foreigners. There is a system of grants and scholarships.
- Moreover, studying in Poland you have a unique opportunity to meet representatives of many successful businesses, managers and start-uppers.

What degrees and forms of study are offered by Polish universities.

Bachelor's degree - studies last at least 6 semesters (3 years) and for engineering professions at least 7 semesters. In order to obtain a bachelor's or engineer's degree, depending on the university, a student must take a final examination or write a thesis.
Master's degree is the second level of higher education and its duration is 4 semesters (2 years). It is possible to enrol for a Master's course at a Polish university after completing a Bachelor's degree regardless of the speciality (or even direction); in other words, it can continue a Bachelor's degree or can differ significantly. At the same time, there are fields of study where a five-year course of study is conducted only. These include:
- Medical faculties
- Psychology
- Law.

The most interesting facts about education in Poland:
- Total number of educational institutions: about 450
- Number of public universities: 43
- Number of private universities: 2
- Number of foreign students studying in Poland: 82 000
- Total number of students in Poland: over 1.2 million
- The position of Polish universities in the world: 10 Polish universities on the Shanghai list
- The most popular fields of study in Poland: Business, Administration and Law, Technology, Industry, Construction, Social Sciences, Journalism and Information, Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry
- The average cost of studies per year: 800-1500 EUR in Polish, 1800-3000 EUR in English
- The average cost of studying at the Faculty of Medicine per year: 15000 EUR in Polish and in English
- The average cost of studying at the Faculty of Medicine: 15000 EUR in Polish and in English.

What does the JumpUp offer?
- Advice and guidance on the right direction when applying to Poland (taking into account prospects, internships, work placements)
- Assistance in choosing the specialization and the university
- Guarantee in admission
- Guarantee of getting all necessary documents for visa application
- Preparation of all documents for admission
- Priority of our clients in registration to the dormitories
- Polish/English language preparatory course
- Obtaining invitation for parents to accompany child
- Accompanying to Poland and first steps in Poland
- Applying for the residence permit based on the education in Poland.
What documents will be needed at the start? - Completed application form
- Scan of all educational documents
- Proof of tuition fees.
In some cases, universities require that you also have motivation letter, CV, artistic projects or IT projects.
Universities may also hold entrance exams. In the case of foreigners, the exams are held remotely or online.

Steps of cooperation

You receive an initial consultation free of charge. Together we define the speciality, the university and other important aspects of admission

You receive form us a list of documents required for admission, then we sign a cooperation agreement. Together we prepare the necessary documents, receive the invitations and enrol to the choosen university

Congratulations on your admission. After you arrive and settle in, we will submit your original documents , obtain your student ID card and the long term ticket for the public transport. If necessary, we provide services for obtaining a residence permit and other documents