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F.A.Q. - JumpUp Business Park

Frequently Asked Questions

What is JumpUp Business Park?
What are the rules of cooperation in JumpUp Business Park?
How much does a monthly subscription cost?
What benefits will I get from doing business with JumpUp Business Park?
Will I be able to use the Fund details for invoices? And also the legal address?
What is the term of the contract?
I am a foreigner, can I participate in the JumpUp Business Park program?
How can check is my business or profession suitable for the JumpUp Business Park program?
What kind of contract do I sign with JumpUp Business Park?
Do I have health insurance with JumpUp Business Park?
Can I participate in JumpUp Business Park if I also work for another company?
Can I access my savings?
Do I pay any additional fees for my bank account or payment card?
What does working with a contractor look like?
Am I exempt from paying VAT as part of my work at JumpUp Business Park?
What makes JumpUp Business Park different from business incubators?

F.A.Q. Legalization

I want to get a residence card, but I don't know how to start. Can you help me with that?
What types of work permits can you help with?
I am a participant in the JumpUp Business Park program. Can I get an residence card on this base?
I am in Warsaw. Can I come to the office and talk to a consultant offline?
Can I work on a tourist visa?
I am a student, can I get a residence card on this basis?
I am waiting a very long time for my documents. Can you help speed up my case?
What are the guarantees that my problem will be solved?
How can I change my temporary residence and work permit (zezwolenie na pobyt czasowy i pracę) when I find a new employer?

F.A.Q. Education

What type of visa can a student get?
When can I apply to Polish universities?
What languages are taught in?
Is it necessary to take an exam on admission?
Is it possible to combine study with work and travel?