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Got an idea? Make it happen with JumpUp!

What is JumpUp Business Park

JumpUp Business Park is the place where ideas, concepts, start-ups on one site and entrepreneurs, investors, and people with innovative thinking come together. This offer is for you if you are thinking about starting your own business or already have one. Join us and see how much you can save by working with JumpUp Business Park. We will help you calculate the costs, choose the best method of taxation and avoid unnecessary bureaucracy. Meanwhile, you can focus on your business goals and objectives. Our experts will take care of the rest – accounting, management, HR and other documentation.

How does the program work?

JumpUp Business Park gives you an opportunity to work for yourself without incurring unnecessary costs. You essentially act as an employee of the foundation, but your clients will always know that it is you who is doing the work, as your details will be visible in contracts and invoices. It is possible to do this without registering a company. And this form of cooperation will bring considerable financial benefits to many entrepreneurs. You can work in this way as long as it is profitable for you, because you can also terminate the activity at any time without any extra obligations. Moreover, there are no hidden fees. When you become a member, you only pay a monthly subscription fee. 

Main advantages of the JumpUp Business Park program

It’s the perfect platform for you to focus on your business. The advantages are:

  • starting your business on the same day (opportunity for Polish/EU residents and foreigners with permanent residence only)
  • tax savings (you can only pay 8.5% of your profits or even 5% for owners of intellectual property)
  • ease of invoicing your business partners
  • no red tape – accounting outsourcing is included in the subscription price
  • opportunity to find an investor for business development
  • a wide range of additional tools (services of a marketing specialist, IT specialist, etc.)
  • opportunity to focus on your business
  • opportunity to focus on the professional development.

Solution for foreigners and participants of the JumpUp Business Park

We know how difficult it can be to obtain permits. It's even harder when you're running your own business or working from morning till night. You can turn the entire process over to our specialists.
We specialize in:
- all types of work permit for you or your employees
- residence permits for management and staff (permanent residence permit and temporary residence permit)
- all types of permits for executive staff
- citizenship matters
- A1 permits for legal employment in Germany
- support for newly arrived foreigners in Poland (PESEL number, meldunek, ePUAP electronic signature etc).

Steps of cooperation in JumpUp Business Park

Sign the contract with JumpUp
Sign the contract with JumpUp

You can come to our office to discuss the details. We can sign the contract at the office or remotely

Start your business
Start your business

With JumpUp you can start your business even the same day

Sign the contract with your business partner
Sign the contract with your business partner

Protect yourself and sign a contract with your business partner. Remember that your subscription also includes legal advice. Use this to make sure the work will be paid in full

Do the service
Do the service

Do the service on the basis of the contract concluded with the business partner

Invoice your business partner for the completed work
Invoice your business partner for the completed work

When the work is complete, generate and send an invoice to the contractor. This can be done online via our CRM system

Get paid for your work and pay the taxes
Get paid for your work and pay the taxes

You will receive payment to your sub-account. Please note that upon receipt of payment, the account will be charged the necessary fees (taxes, subscription fees)

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